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A Virtual Drive To MIT

Author: Aayush Kadam My 9th Grade Exams were about to start by Mid-Feb & in January I was just scrolling through the web searching for the Opportunities for International High School Students @ MIT. I desire to graduate from MIT in the future.  My transition to online learning was initially not that good but shortlyContinue reading “A Virtual Drive To MIT”

Functions, Turing Machines, and Other HSSP Things 

Author: Naisha Srivastava In the middle of exam season, I enrolled in my third ESP program—HSSP 2022, for a change in pace. I was thrilled and had filled my schedule with my dream classes. I loved attending Using Computer Science to Model our World as it was a small class and we had fantastic teachersContinue reading “Functions, Turing Machines, and Other HSSP Things “

My Splash Experience!

Author: Yogashree Kumar Last year I attended a similar programme (spark) so I kinda knew how things were going to work but that didn’t stop me from getting excited! There were so many classes to choose from and all of them sounded super interesting. After enrolling and dropping(it took quite some time to do this)Continue reading “My Splash Experience!”

Splish Splash 2021 (aka Candy Time Wooo)

Author: Ananya Venkatachalam Splish Splash 2021 (aka Candy Time Wooo) Lyrics: Splish Splash, I was logging onto Zoom Every hour on the dot, yeah A scroll scroll, just relaxing in my room Thinking every class was tight Well, I got outta the waiting room, grabbed a notebook Turned my camera on And I introduced myself,Continue reading “Splish Splash 2021 (aka Candy Time Wooo)”

Greetings from Bangladesh (Splash ’21)!!!

Author: Rafid Alam (Hi, I am Rafid, I love astrophysics and stargazing.) It’s my first ever MIT Splash program that I have participated. Throughout this program, I specially liked the enthusiasm between students and also educators of the program. To be honest, every educators are so friendly. If any student ask any simple question likeContinue reading “Greetings from Bangladesh (Splash ’21)!!!”

Blog for the Ripple: Splash 2021 Student Edition!

It came after the Splash, but it’s gonna keep going: The Ripple! ESP is continuing our official blog, so that you can share your amazing experiences taking and teaching classes. The Ripple is a place for you to share your thoughts on Splash, HSSP, Spark, Cascade or learning and teaching in general! Tell us whatContinue reading “Blog for the Ripple: Splash 2021 Student Edition!”

First ever class at HSSP: On Brain and in Brain

Author: Mihita Debnath This year I had my first ever class at HSSP. Wow!, Wonderful! and Beautiful! are the words that replaced long, boring and monotonous. How the Brain Learns Cognitive Skills: I really learnt that Brain too is too Brain storming!!! Its amazing capacities are really appreciable. I was filled with enthusiasm and gettingContinue reading “First ever class at HSSP: On Brain and in Brain”

From Screen to Screen, 8600 Miles Away

Author: Julianne Marc Tamayo Earlier this year, I was scrolling through the web looking for learning opportunities while I was confined to the walls of my home. I wasn’t thinking of anything specific at the time, really. Then, somehow, I found myself attending my first ESP program: Summer HSSP 2021.  When I was signing up,Continue reading “From Screen to Screen, 8600 Miles Away”