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Beyond those Weekends

Author: Noah Janchar Splash has been the most impactful event in my high school years. This blog post is told in the form of a long story. It’s a tale of making decisions, meeting new people, and ultimately, self-development. I hope you can find something to connect with. My years of attending Splash were 2019-2022. I thinkContinue reading “Beyond those Weekends”

My Splash Experience!

Author: Yogashree Kumar Last year I attended a similar programme (spark) so I kinda knew how things were going to work but that didn’t stop me from getting excited! There were so many classes to choose from and all of them sounded super interesting. After enrolling and dropping(it took quite some time to do this)Continue reading “My Splash Experience!”

Splish Splash 2021 (aka Candy Time Wooo)

Author: Ananya Venkatachalam Splish Splash 2021 (aka Candy Time Wooo) Lyrics: Splish Splash, I was logging onto Zoom Every hour on the dot, yeah A scroll scroll, just relaxing in my room Thinking every class was tight Well, I got outta the waiting room, grabbed a notebook Turned my camera on And I introduced myself,Continue reading “Splish Splash 2021 (aka Candy Time Wooo)”

What to do when life gets hectic and your Splash class student enrollment gets doubled in size at the last minute

Author: Grace Jiang Kate and I sit side by side at the head of a brightly lit, empty classroom, surrounded at all edges by black chalkboards, facing rows of long wooden tables and bright blue plastic chairs. It reminds me of my recitation classrooms. At the tiny, back corner of my mind, thoughts of uncompletedContinue reading “What to do when life gets hectic and your Splash class student enrollment gets doubled in size at the last minute”

Greetings from Bangladesh (Splash ’21)!!!

Author: Rafid Alam (Hi, I am Rafid, I love astrophysics and stargazing.) It’s my first ever MIT Splash program that I have participated. Throughout this program, I specially liked the enthusiasm between students and also educators of the program. To be honest, every educators are so friendly. If any student ask any simple question likeContinue reading “Greetings from Bangladesh (Splash ’21)!!!”

ESP Art Through the Ages

by Janice I’ve never blogged before, but I’m going to give it a shot. I have been making art and am currently one of the ESP historians so I have decided to combine my experiences for this ~virtual tour~ That wraps up our virtual tour! What are your HSSP backronyms? I challenge you to illustrateContinue reading “ESP Art Through the Ages”