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A Virtual Drive To MIT

Author: Aayush Kadam

My 9th Grade Exams were about to start by Mid-Feb & in January I was just scrolling through the web searching for the Opportunities for International High School Students @ MIT. I desire to graduate from MIT in the future. 

My transition to online learning was initially not that good but shortly I became familiar with online learning. Now It has been 2 years since I’m learning online & not only I but every student across the globe. Although it initially doesn’t seem to work well for me but it was a good alternative for in-person learning.

So, I was extremely excited for my first class at HSSP. The Classes were going to start from 26 Feb & last till 2 April every Saturday. The Classes which I selected were – 

  • Physics Of Light : Theory & Experiments (by Andrii Zahorodnii) 
  • Quantum Field Theory : A Mathematical Perspective (by Sanjay Raman) 
  • Algebra : All of it from the beginning (bc Matthew Benet & Jessica Pan)

The topics for classes were great & it was nice to meet so many high school students across the globe virtually. I also made some friends there. I enjoyed attending all of these classes but my personal favourite was “Physics Of Light” in which our teacher demonstrated the optical Experiments as well as explained the entire theory. All the teachers were nice & great at teaching. I also attended “The MIT Campus Tour” from the Lecture Series which was fantastic & I guess the most memorable lecture for me. Although some of the topics covered in the classes were beyond my understanding but most of the time I tried my best to understand what was going on & actively take part in the discussion going on. 

I was always on time for the classes. Even though the timings were late at night for me ( 10:30 PM – 2 AM ) I was dedicated & didn’t miss a single class. I used to turn on my camera take my notebook & make notes on the topic covered. My favourite zoom background was the cosmos background. So, I always used to join a meeting by applying that background.

Overall it was a great experience for me & I enjoyed it a lot. I will be waiting for the next HSSP to start as soon as possible.

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