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Here We Go Again: HSSP 2022

Author: Aayush Kadam  INTRODUCTION I just entered my 10th Grade and this is my 2nd year attending HSSP. My experience turned out to be much better this time. The topics for the classes were fascinating and the teachers were captivating.  CLASSES I enrolled in 2 classes this year:  • Exploring Abstract Algebra • Introduction to Proofs IContinue reading “Here We Go Again: HSSP 2022”

Squirrel Short Story 4

Author: Aayush Kadam The Indian Palm Squirrel has 3 Stripes across its back. But have you ever wondered why? There is a long brief story about it. According to the Hindu Mythology, specifically Ramayana ( Oldest Hindu Epic ). When Lord Rama was building a bridge known as “Ram Setu” or “Adam’s Bridge” from DhanushkodiContinue reading “Squirrel Short Story 4”

Squirrel Memes

Artist: Jennifer Yu

Squirrel Short Story 3

Author: Ibrahim Khan Squirrel going up my redwood tree, all day, every day. He’s looking for a new community after MIT. When he comes home to me, he’ll be saying: “How many the squirrel feet!?” – Message from a friendly, Californian redwood squirrel ~

Squirrel Short Story 2

Author: Jahaan squirrels, forever / they have the power to be / destroying us all, squirrels, have power / we are at a losing war, / the feast begins now, squirrels, very small / look innocent, but evil / they will rise up soon

Squirrel Short Story 1

Author: Kevin Yang Small paws.Big awws.They’re just so cute,one round of applause. Their munching: adorablethey’re far from ignorable. Their eyes, so petitethey have little feet!Sitting down, tiny seatsthey look just so sweet! Searching about for foodthey create good moods.I am subdued,they never intrude. Their long tails, so curledbring joy to the world.Their bodies, so smallthey embodyContinue reading “Squirrel Short Story 1”

Global Classrooms

Author: Mahir Labib This was my first time at HSSP. But after my first HSSP class, I discovered that HSSP classes are unique and very interesting to do. The class consists of students around the world and this makes a video conference a very special Virtual Global Classroom. And another fun fact is that forContinue reading “Global Classrooms”

My Weekend at Spark

Author: Emily Liu As a middle schooler with a packed schedule, I found it hard to take a lot of the Spark classes. Weekends that are supposed to be perfect blissful peace for others were my worst nightmares. I had (and still have) two classes on Saturday and three classes on Sunday. I pondered forContinue reading “My Weekend at Spark”

A Virtual Drive To MIT

Author: Aayush Kadam My 9th Grade Exams were about to start by Mid-Feb & in January I was just scrolling through the web searching for the Opportunities for International High School Students @ MIT. I desire to graduate from MIT in the future.  My transition to online learning was initially not that good but shortlyContinue reading “A Virtual Drive To MIT”

My Splash Experience!

Author: Yogashree Kumar Last year I attended a similar programme (spark) so I kinda knew how things were going to work but that didn’t stop me from getting excited! There were so many classes to choose from and all of them sounded super interesting. After enrolling and dropping(it took quite some time to do this)Continue reading “My Splash Experience!”


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