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Chip Piatti

In the summer of 1966, Francesco Piatti, better known to his friends as Chip, stood on the stage of Kresge Little Theatre on the MIT campus. In front of hundreds of students and dozens of teachers of the Summer Studies Program (SSP), he was presenting a summary of what classes he would teach that summer.Continue reading “Chip Piatti”

ESP Art Through the Ages

by Janice I’ve never blogged before, but I’m going to give it a shot. I have been making art and am currently one of the ESP historians so I have decided to combine my experiences for this ~virtual tour~ That wraps up our virtual tour! What are your HSSP backronyms? I challenge you to illustrateContinue reading “ESP Art Through the Ages”

Write for the Ripple!

Couldn’t get enough of Splash this November? Well do you know what comes after the Splash? The Ripple! ESP is creating an official blog for Splash this year, so that you can share your amazing experiences taking and teaching classes. If you’re a student, we can’t wait to hear your stories! Tell us all aboutContinue reading “Write for the Ripple!”

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