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My Splash Experience!

Author: Yogashree Kumar

Last year I attended a similar programme (spark) so I kinda knew how things were going to work but that didn’t stop me from getting excited!

There were so many classes to choose from and all of them sounded super interesting. After enrolling and dropping(it took quite some time to do this) finally, I had filled all the slots.

One of my favorite classes that I took was Spacecraft engineering. We did so many things in under 50 minutes.

We learnt about different spacecraft and what goes in them, their pros and cons, cost etc. Then we got a chance to design our own space mission. At the beginning I thought it wouldn’t be difficult (since it was just choosing a bunch of things) but it was quite a task since there were so many options and all of them seemed quite interesting and if something actually works out then the budget doesn’t. After a couple of minutes I finally completed mine then I completed my survey(Where I needed to fill out the total budget name of my space mission etc.)

We discussed our budget,name of the space mission also!

Whichever class you choose, one segment is inevitable(unless there isn’t sufficient time).

Questions/discussion segment!

Spacecraft engineering also had one.

The teachers discussed how they got into aerospace engineering, what it’s like to be an aerospace engineer and a lot of other interesting questions that we asked. I had so much fun attending it since we did so many things.

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