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First ever class at HSSP: On Brain and in Brain

Author: Mihita Debnath

This year I had my first ever class at HSSP. Wow!, Wonderful! and Beautiful! are the words that replaced long, boring and monotonous. How the Brain Learns Cognitive Skills: I really learnt that Brain too is too Brain storming!!! Its amazing capacities are really appreciable. I was filled with enthusiasm and getting goosebumps to do the class, my first ever class at HSSP.
How wonderful are the connections of neurons that run through the brain. Human beings have an inquisitive mind that gives rise to off beat ideas like Breaking glasses to know that it is a non reversible change or playing tug of war using mother ‘s new scarf (In both the cases consequences couldn’t be described). The retaining capacity of this walnut-like structure is huuugeee….. It can store lots, lots and lots of memories of days, months or years passed. The effective ways taught during my HSSP class on How the Brain Learns Cognitive Skills would definitely be beneficial for those who face difficulties in remembering their lessons. I really wonder about the wonderful ways the brain is designed to store nothing less than a computer memory. My first class itself has compelled me to join the HSSP the next summer as well. I just loved the way the things were taught and of course that has made a deep impact in my Brain.

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