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Blog for the Ripple: Summer HSSP 2021 Student Edition!

It came after the Splash, but it’s gonna keep going: The Ripple! ESP is continuing our official blog, so that you can share your amazing experiences taking and teaching classes. The Ripple is a place for you to share your thoughts on Splash, HSSP, Spark, Cascade or learning and teaching in general! Tell us whatContinue reading “Blog for the Ripple: Summer HSSP 2021 Student Edition!”

Behind the Black Screen: A Silent Struggle

By Rachel Mirin One of the unique struggles of an online program is navigating through the digital sea of communication. To be specific, when everyone has their cameras off. And honestly, I don’t blame them. I also tend to leave my camera off when most people also have theirs off, because I feel self-conscious aboutContinue reading “Behind the Black Screen: A Silent Struggle”

My Experience Wandering the (Virtual) Halls at Splash

by Annamarie Warnke I am generally a very obedient person. Case in point: during Splash in 2018 and 2019, I attended every class that I signed up for. Even when the class content was way over my head or just boring, I diligently took notes in my notebook or on my laptop. I admired theContinue reading “My Experience Wandering the (Virtual) Halls at Splash”

How One Screen Makes a Difference

by Chloe Palmer This was my first time attending a program of this nature, so I don’t have a lot to compare it to, but all in all, it was pretty great. This online Zoom world makes learning a completely different experience. Something I found interesting was how in all these different Zooms, each oneContinue reading “How One Screen Makes a Difference”

Axolotls Making a Splash

by Mike Gordon First, my position on axolotls: literally the most adorable beings on the planet. I love the little smile they have, and baby axolotls look like little toys. The transition to online learning was hard at first but is slowly getting better. Originally it was hard to focus with so many distractions aroundContinue reading “Axolotls Making a Splash”