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Greetings from Bangladesh (Splash ’21)!!!

Author: Rafid Alam

(Hi, I am Rafid, I love astrophysics and stargazing.) It’s my first ever MIT Splash program that I have participated. Throughout this program, I specially liked the enthusiasm between students and also educators of the program. To be honest, every educators are so friendly. If any student ask any simple question like which is known to almost everyone, they don’t get surprised. Rather, they give the answer with full concept. Besides, being an international student the first attractive side for me about this program is its also organized for international student on this year! I believe that it’s the main point of paving the board international collaborations. So, I am really so much happy to join this program ❤ staying 7,830 mile away from Massachusetts !!
If anyone want to know and do research about many cool extraordinary stuffs my advice is to you to properly utilize this chance. This program will give you a momentum of starting your journey with many cool research! In this respect, I specially enjoyed and learned many crazy things about laser which helps me a lot to make me an expert on the topic named Spacecraft Communication Technology which is a theoretical part of “International Astronomy and Astrophysics Olympiad”.
I really amazed to realize the intelligences like WoW. They can engage in high-order cognitive behaviors such as tool use and problem solving, and can even figure out how to unscrew jar lids to get to food. Octopuses are known to be shy and friendly towards humans, rarely using their dangerous features to cause harm.
I love to favor this zoom background for MIT Splash ^_^

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