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My Weekend at Spark

Author: Emily Liu

As a middle schooler with a packed schedule, I found it hard to take a lot of the Spark classes. Weekends that are supposed to be perfect blissful peace for others were my worst nightmares. I had (and still have) two classes on Saturday and three classes on Sunday.

I pondered for a few days as to when I would be free. After all, I couldn’t just pass up the opportunity of learning new things! And so, I worked hard to find openings in my day and, now that spark is over, I have realized how worth it that was. I didn’t just take a normal old class!

I took a variety of classes that could not be taken anywhere else! I learned about being an EMT or how to write calligraphy (I felt the need to learn it after revisiting notes that looked…unreadable), or, even, how to be an astronaut!

Now, I know, I know, they probably will serve me no use because I don’t aspire to be either an EMT or an astronaut (as cool as that is, I’m scared of heights). However, I couldn’t help but notice what I hadn’t before: an eye-opening view of how some people worked or what people might have (or will) do.

They were truly fun and interesting. If anyone ever doubts a class, just remember that they all provide you with something new.

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