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Global Classrooms

Author: Mahir Labib

This was my first time at HSSP. But after my first HSSP class, I discovered that HSSP classes are unique and very interesting to do. The class consists of students around the world and this makes a video conference a very special Virtual Global Classroom. And another fun fact is that for some time because we were joining from different parts of the globe we joined the classes on different dates.

My favorite class was Introduction to Epidemiology by Kenneth L Cox and he is one of the nicest teachers I have ever had. Kenneth L Cox’s class changed my eyesight for biology. I also loved the AI and Science class this class gave me an idea that how AI is used to develop science. Math in the Logic puzzle was a very interesting class we learned how we can see what’s behind the puzzle through math and logic. The classes grew an interest in me to learn more about the topics.

Every week I used to wait for Sunday so I can again meet the amazing people and learn wonderful topics with them. I am actually very much excited to meet these amazing people in person in the future in another interesting program and I am waiting for that day.

And my first-time HSSP experience was wonderful. I enjoyed learning a lot. Thanks to the wonderful people who have made my experience special and memorable.

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