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Here We Go Again: HSSP 2022

Author: Aayush Kadam 


I just entered my 10th Grade and this is my 2nd year attending HSSP. My experience turned out to be much better this time. The topics for the classes were fascinating and the teachers were captivating. 


I enrolled in 2 classes this year: 

• Exploring Abstract Algebra

• Introduction to Proofs

I took both maths topics because I like learning maths. I understood some initial parts of Abstract Algebra as I already knew a bit about sets, but Abstract Algebra was a bit harder for me compared to Introduction to Proofs. The teachers were dedicated and very helpful as they shared the notes with us post lecture. Sometimes the topics were beyond my understanding, but the presentations were prepared in a very understandable way and I tried my best to understand it and asked about doubts to my teachers.

I also attended some Lecture Series Classes which included all kinds of humanities, miscellaneous, and STEM topics which were insightful. 


The new Discord concept was really helpful this time and the pre-program activities were engaging. On Discord, students usually discussed random topics, posted memes, submitted art and discussed the classes held. I made many friends abroad of all ages. The HSSP team was also very supportive; they helped students on Discord if they had any technical or other issues. It was nice meeting all and socializing with them. The themes they use are also nice each year, especially this year’s “squirrel” theme. Each year’s new theme makes the program even more interesting.


There were many reasons why I attended HSSP. One of the major reasons was I desire to graduate in Computer Science from MIT. To get into MIT has been my aim since 8th grade, and I’m always ready to do the amount of hard work required for it. One more reason was that I like to explore new topics, especially those related with maths and physics.


Overall, I had a very nice experience attending HSSP this year. It was a memorable experience and I’m eagerly waiting for the next HSSP to start ASAP.  


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