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MIT Splash ‘Review’

By Ishani Tarkar

I participated in the MIT Splash program in November 2020, and it was amazing (side note, but this is the first time I’ve participated in MIT Splash, so I don’t know how it normally would be). I learned about the history of the American democracy in an interactive class, where everyone got a chance to play a part in the beginnings of the US. As it was online, I had no trouble getting around the MIT campus. Some of my classes started letting people in right at the time the class was supposed to start, so I was really nervous about not being in the right room. I remember the What’s In Your Poop class also being extremely intriguing as poop isn’t something you’d think of as valuable to your health, but it is actually worth money and can be used for stool transplants (weird, I know). I loved all my classes, but those 2 were the most memorable. Also, I love axolotls, but there are only ~1000 left in the wild 😞.

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