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My Sparkling Spark Experience

By Yogashree Kumar

This was my first Spark. If you asked me “what is Spark?” a couple of months ago I would have probably had no idea but now i’m so happy that I attended this program. There was a wide range of classes to choose and all of them looked equally appealing which made it difficult for me to choose from. Finally, I picked the classes that I wanted to attend. After a few days…

Opening ceremony: Even though it was a webinar it was very interactive. The moderators were very friendly. We discussed many things and at one point the central topic of discussion was ”AARDVARK.” There were questions like “why are aardvarks the mascot of Spark?”

There were many puns on aardvark in the chat section like: “What is a tiny aardvark? Aardquark” and more.

I had so much fun reading them until it was time for my first class, “Intro to Puzzles”. I was very excited about it. The teacher taught us how to solve the puzzles and about metapuzzles. At first I didn’t get it, but then they gave us a few puzzles to solve. All of us worked together and solved the puzzles one by one. It was so much fun that I almost forgot it was time to go, but we took a few minutes extra to complete the puzzle (as we had a break). This was one of my favourite classes because I made friends and learned new stuff.

Each and every class was unique and the topics were quite intriguing! I think what makes all of these classes really good are the teachers. They were so friendly and kind. On top of all these the duration of the classes was only 50 minutes. Within a short period I was able to learn so much. For sure I can say that these 3 weekends were amazing! And this was my Spark experience!

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