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Blog for the Ripple: Summer HSSP 2021 Student Edition!

It came after the Splash, but it’s gonna keep going: The Ripple! ESP is continuing our official blog, so that you can share your amazing experiences taking and teaching classes.

The Ripple is a place for you to share your thoughts on Splash, HSSP, Spark, Cascade or learning and teaching in general! Tell us what it was like to come to MIT (virtually or no) and take fun classes! Or you can share your hot takes on online education. And, if text is not good enough to display your creativity, share some photos or videos with us! 

If you’re looking for some inspiration, here’s a few blog prompts spark your imagination. Again — don’t feel obligated to follow one of these prompts — we’re happy to hear anything at all related to education! 

  • Talk about your transition to online learning.
  • Talk about your favorite class(es) at an ESP program!
  • Draw a memorable class from an ESP program.
  • What have you been learning recently?
  • Share your favorite Zoom backgrounds.
  • What is your opinion on pandas?

To submit a blog post, email us at, and we’ll get back to you soon! We’ll be posting blogs from students, teachers, and ESP members throughout the program, so feel free to send along a blog whenever inspiration hits!

(If you’re a teacher looking to write a post, here are some prompts for you!)

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