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Here We Go Again: HSSP 2022

Author: Aayush Kadam  INTRODUCTION I just entered my 10th Grade and this is my 2nd year attending HSSP. My experience turned out to be much better this time. The topics for the classes were fascinating and the teachers were captivating.  CLASSES I enrolled in 2 classes this year:  • Exploring Abstract Algebra • Introduction to Proofs IContinue reading “Here We Go Again: HSSP 2022”

Squirrel Short Story 4

Author: Aayush Kadam The Indian Palm Squirrel has 3 Stripes across its back. But have you ever wondered why? There is a long brief story about it. According to the Hindu Mythology, specifically Ramayana ( Oldest Hindu Epic ). When Lord Rama was building a bridge known as “Ram Setu” or “Adam’s Bridge” from DhanushkodiContinue reading “Squirrel Short Story 4”