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Functions, Turing Machines, and Other HSSP Things 

Author: Naisha Srivastava In the middle of exam season, I enrolled in my third ESP program—HSSP 2022, for a change in pace. I was thrilled and had filled my schedule with my dream classes. I loved attending Using Computer Science to Model our World as it was a small class and we had fantastic teachersContinue reading “Functions, Turing Machines, and Other HSSP Things “

ESP Art Through the Ages

by Janice I’ve never blogged before, but I’m going to give it a shot. I have been making art and am currently one of the ESP historians so I have decided to combine my experiences for this ~virtual tour~ That wraps up our virtual tour! What are your HSSP backronyms? I challenge you to illustrateContinue reading “ESP Art Through the Ages”