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Write for the Ripple!

Couldn’t get enough of Splash this November? Well do you know what comes after the Splash? The Ripple! ESP is creating an official blog for Splash this year, so that you can share your amazing experiences taking and teaching classes.

If you’re a student, we can’t wait to hear your stories! Tell us all about running through the Infinite, learning cool things from CAD to Cooking, and making friends at a Walk-in activity! Or, you could show it to us with pictures and videos of Splash!

We are also welcoming blog posts from teachers. Perhaps you can talk about your crazy weekend teaching 8 sections of a super popular class, or what you learned while researching the Majapahit for your class on Java!

Wondering how to come up with a cool blog post idea? You can take a look at these prompts for inspiration:

  • MIT campus is a labyrinth and many students have stories about adventuring through its twists and turns. Tell us about your adventure through MIT campus.
  • Meet someone cool during Splash? Introduce them to us! Or write something with them!
    Come from some faraway land? Tell us about your journey to Splash!
  • Any meme submissions?
  • Did you make food for a class and eat it? Is there any cool food you ate at Splash? Tell us about it!
    MIT has a lot of cool buildings, paintings, sculptures and statues. Share your favorite pictures of MIT’s campus!
  • Didn’t take enough pictures? Draw something cool that happened during Splash, and tell us about it!
  • What’s your favorite class? What did you do during the class? Tell us about it!
  • What surprised you the most about Splash?
  • Any advice for people going to next year’s Splash?
  • If you were to do this year’s Splash all over, which classes would you have taken? What are all the classes you wished you could have taken but couldn’t go to?
  • What is your opinion on ducks

We hope you have a great time at Splash this coming weekend, and have some cool stories to tell. Submissions for the blog will open after Splash ends – be sure to check your emails or check back on this page for details!

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