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Lesson Learned v2.0

Author: Zara Nip Hello, weary traveler. Remote learning has infected schools across the globe like a pandemic. It’s up to you to survive and make it through to June. Best of luck and may the odds be in your favor. Welcome to “Online School v2.0”. Press “enter” to begin. —> enter. —> 21 September 2020.Continue reading “Lesson Learned v2.0”

From Screen to Screen, 8600 Miles Away

Author: Julianne Marc Tamayo Earlier this year, I was scrolling through the web looking for learning opportunities while I was confined to the walls of my home. I wasn’t thinking of anything specific at the time, really. Then, somehow, I found myself attending my first ESP program: Summer HSSP 2021.  When I was signing up,Continue reading “From Screen to Screen, 8600 Miles Away”

The best free virtual teaching resources for educators, whether you’re in-person or online

Author: Anna Moss I’m Anna Moss, the founder of Mind the Test. I received my BA in Linguistics from the University of Chicago, and after that, I taught English online for five years while also traveling the world and tutoring test prep. I actually spent two years in Bangkok tutoring kids who wanted to comeContinue reading “The best free virtual teaching resources for educators, whether you’re in-person or online”

Behind the Black Screen: A Silent Struggle

By Rachel Mirin One of the unique struggles of an online program is navigating through the digital sea of communication. To be specific, when everyone has their cameras off. And honestly, I don’t blame them. I also tend to leave my camera off when most people also have theirs off, because I feel self-conscious aboutContinue reading “Behind the Black Screen: A Silent Struggle”

Teaching in Sequence vs. Teaching Standalone Classes

By Yasmin Sharbaf Editor’s note: For Spark 2021, teachers had the option of teaching a class that met once (a standalone class) or a class that met thrice (a sequence class). During all the time I taught for ESP, I always chose to teach sequence classes (except for Splash where I taught one class asContinue reading “Teaching in Sequence vs. Teaching Standalone Classes”

Invent a Language! – Teaching at Splash 2020

By Sagnik Anupam Originally posted on his blog. The weekend before last, on Saturday, November 14, 2020, I taught the first class of my life. Given that I have always wanted to teach something I am passionate about to a class, I suppose my first class had to happen one day or the other. InContinue reading “Invent a Language! – Teaching at Splash 2020”