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Why Dumb Stuff is Good

by Blaise

ok so ya boi went to splash right, lots of us did, and if you recall, many popular classes were Certifiably Dumb. why, you ask, is dumb stuff so popular? well you see, dear reader, there are a few things that children truly love, chief among them being food, competition, learning, and laughter. trust me I’m a professional child. the problem with the whole kids love learning this is that school sucks. and yeah we’ve probably all figured out that school sucks,, but my theory as to why is that it doesn’t incorporate enough other Childish Joys of Life. therefore, combining Dumb Stuff, or laughter, and learning, we end up with classes like Into the Depths of Wikipedia, a very popular series of classes at spark and splash. conclusion: kids need more dumb shenanigans,, and food. make school fun again, give us Laughter, Food, and War. oh and when you BOOMERS try to tell me about how we don’t have the budget for that, or when schools do incorporate good stuff we don’t appreciate it,, you can get off of my lawn because you never do anything right!! okay!! yesterday I went to a mandatory pep rally!!! you suck at this! I just want a dodgeball game followed by pizza,, and it should NOT be REQUIRED because THATS NOT FUN. and also, we’ve been figuring out how to have fun for no money literally forever. it is one of our true callings. we will find ways to entertain ourselves given, like, a gym and a bag of pepperoni. let us be children. give us the opportunity to have fun and be dumb or we will take it ourselves. and them’s the facts.

Here are some pictures we think represents “opportunities to have fun” that happened in Splash this year! Click on a picture to make it larger.

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